Wonderful day of college rowing at Schuylkill, results better than expected


This past Saturday The Bryn Mawr team crew started their 2015-16 campaign with their first regatta for the fall season. This was, of course, the Navy Day Regatta on the Schuylkill River. The Owls also had three boats in action.

Open/Collegiate 8+, Penn’s A boat clocked 13:55.30 beyond the three miles, which was more than five seconds infront of Navy (14:00.38) in second place. Penn’s B boat was in 10th position overall, in 14:41.49. The Quakers‘ C boat finished in 12 position with 15:06.26. They were competing for a total of 20 points in the division.

Gaining 13th place in the final, the Owls were the Division III team that finished the highest at the event. Bryn Mawr beat teams from the Catholic, Rutgers-Camden and TCNJ. The Owls also finished infront of boats from all over the Division, such as La Salle and Maryland.

The Shoremen Boat Line-Ups were as follows:

Open/Collegiate Eight: John Gould (helmsman), Mark Boissonneault (seven), Zee Ali (stroke), Ian Briggs (six), Ryan Miranda (five), Teddy’connell (four), Chris Eggstein (two), Joe Stockburger (three) and Samson Ramasamy (bow).
The collegiate Four: Matt Dimond (bow), Tori Swanson (helmsman), Ethan LaLumia (stroke), Jeffrey Wrobel (two), Theo Aris (three)
Collegiate Frosh/Novice Four “A”: Alex Kincaid (helmsman), John Brown (stroke), Dimond (three), Ethan Grugan (bow), Daniel Benton (two).
Collegiate Frosh/Novice Four “B”: Jacob Yallof (helmsman), Lee Potter (stroke), Nate Bonsib (three), Andrea Walters (two), Chuck Marchesani (bow).

Overall it was a great day out on the river and it looks like all involved had a great deal of fun and displayed some powerful rowing.

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